4 innovative office desk designs

What’s the key to a happy office environment? A good manager and a work force with great chemistry? Or is it all about surroundings – plenty of natural light, greenery, and comfy sofas?

In truth, a happy workplace is dictated by all kinds of different factors, and ensuring that your employees stay happy, healthy and productive is about constantly re-evaluating their needs.

In today’s blog we’ll be talking about one small aspect of the office environment – a staple that every employee needs, but that often isn’t given much thought. If you’re looking for a way to invigorate a stagnating office environment the solution might be as simple as trying one of these exciting desk designs.

Adjustable height desk

We’ve all heard about the benefits of a standing desk – reduced back pain and improved energy are two significant ones. If you have employees who’ve expressed an interest in a standing desk, why not kick-start the process with an adjustable height desk?
A desk that can be altered to different heights will let employees try working at a standing position, without making them commit to a fixed standing desk. Another huge benefit is that an adjustable height desk will be suited to employees of all heights, even if they remain seated. Working at a desk of a correct height is vital to avoid back, neck and eye strain.
If any element of your office environment involves hot-desking, this desk style is must!

Fold-out desk

A fold-out or expanding desk is one that is designed for small office spaces and easy storage. It is lightweight, easy to adjust and normally sits on wheels, to ensure it can be moved around quickly and easily.
A desk that expands helps facilitate a truly versatile workplace. Employees can easily adapt the size of their desk to suit various solo and group projects. Different fold-out desks will have different benefits – some will contain hidden storage areas, while others will be designed to collapse down completely.

Reclaimed wood desk

A reclaimed wood desk is one that has been constructed from recycled wood and other materials. While there is no particular health benefit to working at a reclaimed wood desk, it’s a nice way to do your bit for the environment. As an added bonus, reclaimed wood has a naturally attractive appearance.
If your company works within the environmental sector, or is trying to up its sustainable credentials, this is a great feature to look into.

In-desk power outlets

Rather than a desk design, this is a desk feature that will make working life easier. In-desk power outlets (i.e. plug sockets that are built into the desk itself) make it far easier to plug in laptops, phones, desktop computers, lamps, and other gadgets without crawling under desks and between people’s legs!
A desk with power outlets also reduces the amount of cables snaking across the office floor, making the environment much safer.

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