4 Office Design Trends to Boost Productivity

If there’s one thing we could all improve, it’s how we use our time. According to official statistics, the UK has been in a productivity slump since the end of the 2008 financial crisis – one report from last year showed that the average British worker is 16% less productive than counterparts from countries such as the US, France and Germany.

While we’re not saying that the average Brit is too lazy to get the job done, we do think productivity could be improved by taking a more innovative approach to workplace design. If you’re looking to boost productivity in your business, read on to discover four simple design trends that could make all the difference.

More natural light

This boardroom, part of a job completed by Novex, shows how natural light can enhance a space.

It might not seem relevant, but natural light can actually make a huge difference to productivity – not to mention employee health and happiness. Multiple studies have shown that the more natural light we are exposed to, the better we sleep, and the happier and healthier we feel on a daily basis.

In one study it was found that workers with windows in their office received 173% more white light exposure – this led to them sleeping for an extra 46 minutes each night. The benefits of this are far-reaching, but in short, the better your employees sleep, the better they will function during the day.

“Flexible” office furniture

No we’re not talking about buying inflatable chairs, but rather office furniture and equipment that can be adapted to suit a variety different needs. You might invest in height-adjustable desks, lightweight room-separating panels, or folding chairs that can be easily transported from A to B.

Having “flexible” furniture that can be moved around and changed to suit different users will make your office space far more adaptable and allow your staff to be more adaptable too. The end result? Improved productivity.

Dedicated quiet zones

The modern workplace is all about open-plan offices and spacious meeting areas. Though both of these can boost productivity by encouraging collaboration and communication, it’s vital that you retain a quiet area for dedicated individual projects.

Not every employee requires their own reserved workspace, but if you can, create a closed off area with individual desks that people can escape to if the main office is getting too noisy. Encourage employees to bring in noise-cancelling headphones, or – budget allowing – supply your own.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure these personal working areas are well lit. Adding individual lamps will let your employees control their own lighting without having to turn on or off the lights for the entire area.

A comfortable recreational space

In a recent blog we gave advice on how to introduce a recreational space into your office environment. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, introducing a place where employees can switch off, relax and unwind while still at work is a great way to boost productivity.

Breakout area with woodland wall graphic
This woodland inspired recreational area was part of a job completed by Novex Solutions.

If your employees can refresh their minds and bodies during lunch and short breaks, they’ll be better equipped to work efficiently during the rest of the working day.

Find out more about how you can boost productivity in your office by getting in touch with Novex Solutions today. You can also download our Stress Free Guide to Workplace Refurbishment.

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