7 Big Workplace Design Trends in 2019

With 2019 in full swing, this years biggest design trends are emerging. At Novex, we specialise in future-proofed office design and space planning that will stand the test of time, which is why we’re always up to speed with the hottest trends. Read on for a list of the macro and micro design trends we’re seeing this year.

Macro Trends

Yoga studios, espresso bars and rock climbing walls

It’s likely that in the new year we’ll see more and more of the kinds of “experience-driven spaces” listed above. Increasingly, emphasis is being placed upon the relationship between productivity and employee morale. In 2019, it will become more commonplace for businesses to introduce relaxation, exercise, entertainment and socialising spaces into their offices.

Reclaimed spaces

The environment is currently at the forefront of a lot of political and cultural thinking, which is why in 2019 we’re beginning to see more offices “recycling” unused spaces and old furniture. Rather than moving into a brand new office block, the trend this year will be to use deserted warehouses, waterfront areas and industrial parks. Expect shipping container walls, scrap metal and junkyard wood features, and plenty of antique furniture.

Biophilic design as standard

We’ve spoken before about the new trend of biophilic design – essentially the practice of bringing the outside in. But in 2019 it’s becoming the norm to see biophilic design in office spaces, whether it’s botanical prints, living walls or simply a healthy collection of pot plants.

Artificial plants can work just as well as real ones as the impressive artificial tree in this office, completed by Novex Solutions, demonstrates.

Co-working spaces with shared resources

Tech start-ups have popularised the co-working space, in which multiple companies work side by side in one office building. Next year this trend will develop further, with different companies working within the same open-plan spaces, sharing resources, and perhaps even ideas!

Micro Trends

Moss walls

The moss wall is a fantastic alternative to a green wall for smaller spaces that can’t maintain a full green wall. Moss walls are low maintenance and can thrive in areas with limited natural light; they’re a great way to bring colour and texture to a space, and an easy way to introduce biophilic design to your work environment.

Geometric designs

The minimalism of the 90s and 00s is officially dead! In 2019 office design is going to be about colour, expression, personality, and a lot of geometric patterns – whether it’s abstract wall stickers, hexagonal wire plant holders, or irregular triangular tiling.

Contrasting textures

Design-forward offices in 2019 are using a mishmash of textures. Think plush carpeting and soft cushions set against raw wood, weathering steel and thick green foliage.

Office Design from Novex

If you’re interested in incorporating some of the design trends listed above into your work environment, get in touch with Novex today. We specialise in helping companies to refurbish, resize and relocate their office spaces, supplying furniture and interiors that boost employee morale, encourage collaboration, and ultimately create a happy and productive working environment.

To find out more, contact the Novex team. You can also download our Stress-Free Guide to Workplace Refurbishment.

Case Studies

  • warehouse fit-out
  • office interior design of a reception counter with with fabric snowflake screen

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