Biophilic Design for a Happy Work Environment

Biophilia is a word that means “love of nature”. While it’s not a term you might immediately associate with an office environment, biophilia is becoming increasingly popular amongst interior designers who specialise in corporate spaces.

The reason for this is that biophilic design – i.e. design that incorporates elements of the natural world – is known to have a positive impact upon employee health and happiness.

What counts as biophilic design?

Biophilic design can refer to a variety of interior design features, including:

  • Natural light sources
  • Naturalistic artificial lighting
  • Pot plants
  • Botanical colours, patterns and prints
  • Natural materials

How does biophilic design create a happy work environment?

Simply put, humans are happier when they connect with nature. Being in an environment that evokes the feel of a natural space can do wonders for our health, and make us better at our jobs.

According to studies carried out over the last 35 years, biophilic design can reduce workplace absences, encourage creativity, and boost productivity by 8%. Best of all, overall wellbeing amongst employees can be improved by as much as 13%.

How can my company implement biophilic design in the workplace?

Biophilic design is something you can incorporate into your work environment, no matter what your budget.

A recent job by Novex Solutions, as shown below, incorporated large tree structures into an office space and used natural materials in furnishings as a way of bringing the outside in! For more details on this job, see our case study.

A recent fit out job by Novex Solutions incorporating biophilic design

Natural light sources

If you’re looking to renovate your office interiors or relocate to a new space, consider putting natural light at the top of your checklist. Working in an environment with plenty of natural light will help your employees sleep better at night, boosting their happiness and productivity during the daytime hours.

If your natural light is limited, go down the route of superior artificial lighting. LED “daylight” bulbs are an excellent choice, as they mimic natural light and require less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Wall graphics & botanical prints

Wall graphics, also known as decals, are large stickers that display a high-quality pattern, design or image. If you’re keen on the idea of biophilic design, order a wall graphic portraying a quiet area of woodland, a waterfall in a forest, or a flower-filled meadow which your employees can enjoy whenever they pass by.

On a smaller scale, try introducing botanical prints into your office space. Framed posters of leaves or flowers are a charming way of bringing a little of the outdoors into your working environment.


Investing in a variety of leafy green plants is a cheap and effective way to make your workplace greener. Plants not only serve a decorative purpose, they also help to filter and oxygenate the air. Most importantly, they can help to boost productivity by 15%.

The best plants for an office require little care, and can thrive in shaded areas. The aspidistra, spider plant, ficus, and ZZ plant (or Zanzibar Gem) are all ideal – as are any smaller succulents or cacti that can sit on counters or desk areas. Even a high-quality plastic plant will work wonders!

Desk with plants

How can Novex Solutions help?

If you’d like to implement biophilic design into your workplace, but aren’t sure where to start, contact Novex today. We are a family-run business with a dedicated client base and almost 20 years of industry experience. We’ll draw on our knowledge of workplace design and space planning to create an office environment packed with cost-effective biophilic design.


Case Studies

  • warehouse fit-out
  • office interior design of a reception counter with with fabric snowflake screen

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