Creating a Recreational Space in the Office

What does a productive workplace look like? Once upon a time it was all about arriving early, working late and drinking coffee by the gallon. But in 2019, productivity is seen to be something that derives from a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

With studies finding that happy employees can be 20% more productive than their unhappy co-workers, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly looking for ways to make the office into an inviting and harmonious space. For many managers, that means creating dedicated recreational areas.

The recreational space is one of the hottest office design trends for 2019. For smaller companies with a tight budget this might seem off limits, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ideas suited to a variety of budgets.

Soft Seating

If you’re looking to keep things simple, start with a comfortable soft seating area where employees can stop to chat, enjoy a mid-morning coffee, or eat lunch. Opt for comfortable sofa and chair designs that differ from your standard office furniture, to reinforce the idea that this is a break from work.

Games Room

The idea of creating a games room to boost productivity might seem counterintuitive, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it works. Games and activities encourage collaboration, improve your mood, boost activity and energy, and are simply a good way to decompress after a stressful meeting. If you have the space, get a ping pong table or pool table. If you don’t have enough room, install a flat screen TV and a gaming console with two or more controllers.

Indoor Garden

You might not have the luxury of a private office garden, but why not create your own? Combine water features, pot plants, overhead greenery and vines, botanical prints and wall stickers, and even some quiet ambient noise, such as bird song, to create a recreational space that feels like a slice of the outdoors.

Indoor Playground

If you run a creative company, or if you’re simply looking for something a bit “out there”, look to the playground for inspiration. Studies have found that many people in their 30s and 40s actually feel a lot younger than their age, and therefore embrace the opportunity to connect with their inner child. Playground features to try out include giant swings, hammocks, slides between floor levels, and even rock-climbing walls.

Relaxation Studio

Some of the best recreational spaces in an office are empty – or almost empty. If you have a spare meeting or storage room that isn’t getting used, convert it into a relaxation studio where people can come to meditate, stretch, and do yoga and pilates. This will work best if the space is filled with natural light (or is lit by daylight bulbs) and incorporates plenty of greenery and natural materials.

Contact Novex Solutions today if you’d like our help implementing a recreational space in your office. We’re a family-run business specialising in workplace design and space planning, and we’re brimming with ideas when it comes to employee health, happiness and productivity!

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