Top Tips to encourage movement in the office

walking up stairs - keep active in the workplace improve mental health

You don’t necessarily need an electric height adjustable desk to get the blood pumping.

Depending on how your employees work, you could adopt a more Agile/ABW/flexible working environment, where employees can come into the office and choose where to work and how they work that day.

Why not try some of the tips below to encourage movement within your office.

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  • Encourage employees to take regular breaks with the use of coffee points that incorporate a range of furniture; from casual seating to standing-height tables for quick catch-ups and short meetings.
  • Give your employees a pedometer and encourage them to set daily step goals. Even see if you can add an element of competition to see who can walk the most steps each week.
  • Use the stairs
  • Create a recycling, waste, Printer area to encourage movement to use these facilities instead of having individual bins and printers at the end of desks.
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk. This is my big favourite! By creating an inviting lunch facilities, you are encouraging employees to get up and move from their workstations and monitors.
  • Stand during meetings and presentations. Turn one of your smaller meeting rooms into a standing height meeting space with stools to perch on. Giving your teams the option to stand or perch.
  • Introduce a couple of electric standing height workstations available as hot-desks for employees to trial.
  • Encourage movement and a change of scene away from the desk throughout the day by introducing flexible types of furniture such as moveable flip-top table systems on castors and high-backed sofas for team collaboration sessions and private furniture booths to get your head down for individual work.[/su_list]


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