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Clerkenwell is an area of Central London near Farringdon tube station, neighboring the famous Smithfields Market, that continues to supply some of London’s oldest and best gastropubs in the area with top quality ingredients. The area has also become very popular with design agencies and architects alike, If you know what you are looking for, you can’t take too many steps before you walk past a showroom full of office seating, desking and new ways of working. It even has it’s very own Clerkenwell Design Week, something anyone with a design interest will thoroughly enjoy.

Trending Office Furniture

At Novex Solutions we want to be able to offer our customers the best advice in office furniture solutions to suit individual style and budget, so when we want to find out what’s new and what’s trending in the world of office design, we send our designers out in sensible shoes to visit the manufacturers showrooms in and around Clerkenwell.

Yesterday our designers visited a handful of showrooms all showcasing some great collaborative working environments, warm inviting colours and almost home like comfort. Occasionally forgetting that they were looking at office furniture and considering some of the softer seating arrangements for their homes.

In the office, we’re increasingly working away from the desk with the aid of technology. Longer lasting batteries and a constant connection to ‘the cloud’ make it easy to pick up an email from anywhere, which is why we’ve seen an increase in hotdesks and touchdown spaces in open plan environments.

Fighting against the modern open plan and hiding behind technology for communicating, furniture companies are now creating environments for work colleagues to collaborate within the open plan office, but with an added bit of acoustic privacy. We can see this in the photos below starting with a simple high back seating solution, all the way to building an office within an office for more private conversations and meetings without impacting too much on the office space footprint.

The photos also show a very Autumnal palette of colours, especially with the introduction of natural wood finishes on chairs and table legs.

In addition to keeping on trend with furniture companies in Clerkenwell there are also many other great events to keep an eye on, including this years #Orgatec2016 and #100design.


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Case Studies

  • warehouse fit-out
  • office interior design of a reception counter with with fabric snowflake screen

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