Six Benefits of using LED lighting in your workplace!

LED Lighting - create a brighter office

Don’t sit in the dark!

Have you ever looked up from your desk in the afternoon, and felt like the dark wintery nights have started creeping into the office? – a bit like a scene out of Stranger Things. (What a great TV show that is – very excited about Season 2!) But you may notice in some office environments, perhaps yours, that conventional office lighting doesn’t have the best light distribution – creating a dull, dim setting in which to work. Especially if some of the bulbs have gone and they haven’t quite yet been replaced. :/

And there is your FIRST benefit for switching to LED lighting! NO MORE BULB REPLACEMENTS, and no more health risks climbing on top of desks to change them.

In no particular order, a Secondary benefit is that LED lighting lasts longer. For example, on average, a modular office LED light panel will last around 10 years, free of any maintenance!

Third, how can you NOT want something that’s good for the environment! LED’s contain no mercury or other harmful gases making them safer to recycle.  A 13W LED emits 68% less carbon Dixoide than a standard 40w running 10 hours a day meaning this Low energy LED light reduces your carbon footprint as well as your running costs, and let’s face it that takes us right on to the Fourth benefit; Cost-Saving!

LED lighting is now very affordable in comparison to your conventional units and certainly worth the little extra up front to save money in the long term. You may also be eligible for capital enhanced benefits for opting to use energy-saving technologies as detailed in the ECA Scheme and other incentives.

Fifth benefit– Employee Wellbeing & Productivity a key part of today’s workplace design, creating office environments with employee wellness at the forefront. Without throwing a million statistics at you (which I’m fairly sure there are) it just makes sense that ‘a happy employee – is a productive one!’.

LED lighting visually makes a working office brighter and creates a more welcoming environment which reduces the effect that poor lighting has on employees – such as migraines, sick days and so on.

The sixth benefit – According to WELL Building Standard we can spend up to 90% of our lives indoors, whether that be at home, the office, shopping centres, entertainment venues the list can go on. Using LED lighting means we can create an environment that mimics natural light to bring the outdoors in, where you may not necessarily be able to punch skylights in the ceiling or add more windows yet again creating a pleasant environment for employees to work, feel appreciated and productive.


Still not convinced? Get in touch and we will produce you a lighting plan for your workplace and discuss further potential savings and the return on your investment.

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