Communication In The New Workplace

COVID-19 has changed the face of our workplaces – probably forever. And as the world slowly begins to go back to normal, communication remains one of the most powerful tools at employers’ disposal in protecting their staff.

It is a given that most office spaces will have to undergo varying levels of adjustment and redesign following lockdown. And it’s up to employers to make sure that their communication is up to scratch when it comes to showing the workforce exactly how it all works.

Talk Is Not Cheap

Social distancing will be the norm for the foreseeable future. But as we re-enter our old offices, even though provisions have been made for this new way of doing things, old habits die hard. 

Having hand sanitisation stations at key points around the building is one thing. But you could add to your new social distancing aesthetic with a bit of signage to remind people of the new rules. It’s easy to be so involved in what you’re doing at work that you forget to be mindful about other things.  Sanitisation reminders at entrances and/or exits and “maintenance” reminders around work spaces, prompting staff members to maintain a two-metre distance at all times, can add simple but effective extra dimension to your communication efforts, and – more importantly – keep your employees safe. 

Safety By Design

Communication with your staff doesn’t always have to be verbal or in writing. It can be built around certain visual and physical cues within your workspace, too. As our minds shift, so can the objects around us. 

The simple act of creating barriers that prompt people to maintain a safe distance from each other can send a powerful message without a single word. And that doesn’t mean that you have to fill the spaces between desks with unattractive plastic hazard tape. 

Strategic placement of office furniture, plants and other existing items can not only support social distancing, they can even make the space more attractive than it was before. Whether you are a believer in constructive energy flow or not, the Chinese principles of Feng Shui can help you communicate subtly with your staff, just by arranging your space in an efficient, economical way.

Instead of hazard tape, try moving a pot plant or chest of drawers. It sends a more positive message in a time when positivity is needed more than ever. 

Communicate Through Design

Novex Solutions are Chertsey-based office design specialists who have been working in Chertsey and surrounds for 20 years. We have evolved in the COVID era to bring working office design solutions to our clients that support proper social distancing and space allocation protocols. 

Call us in to help you redesign your office space to fit in with the world’s new way of living and working, and we will deliver fresh ideas in a hygienic new space. Let the Novex team help you communicate better with your staff by creating environments that inspire a “new normal” peace of mind. 

Call or email Novex Solutions to find your hygienic office design solution today. Download our “Stress-Free Guide to Workplace Refurbishment” here


Designing the Post-COVID Workplace

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