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Planet Positive asks every certified business to make a positive contribution beyond the boundary of your company to the local, national or global community. In other words, put the ‘positive’ in Planet Positive.

Novex Solutions has invested in Cool Earth, one of four sustainability projects approved against the Planet Positive protocol.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a charity working with local communities to secure forests that are in imminent danger of being felled for cattle ranching, logging, agriculture or oil.

Rainforest protection is critical as it is an area found to be very rich in biodiversity. Cool Earths’ solution is simple: to secure land that would otherwise be sold to loggers and ranchers and to price deforestation out of the market.

Cool Earth helps local communities to become legal custodians of the land, and the funding that organisations provide is put in a local trust for communities to use as they wish.

This area of rainforest has been shown to store at least 260 tonnes of CO2 per acre meaning that if an acre of rainforest was clear felled 260 tonnes of CO2 would be re-released into the atmosphere.

These trees are also important as they mitigate carbon emissions through absorbing CO2 from the air. Therefore by protecting the rainforest your company is helping the planet to mitigate the carbon emissions we make.

If you too are interested in protecting more acres or creating your own protected area please contact a member of Planet Positive staff to discuss fundraising ideas or further donations.


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