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Our Carbon FootprintThe Planet Mark Achievment for Novex Solutions

Novex have been working with the Planet Mark since 2011, an internationally recognised and trusted sustainability certification that helps organisations and their people to make year-on-year progress on sustainability.

Each year Novex have managed to achieve a reduction in their carbon footprint by getting all members of staff closely involved, this means each employee has a good understanding of how they can make a difference.

Wherever possible staff car share and if going up to London or on longer journeys will always opt to use public transport.

We keep a close eye on our gas and electricity usage and make small changes wherever we can, for example: having the heating on for an hour less each day and having the lights off in the areas of the office that are not being used.

Novex also have an in-house recycling centre so all of our waste  paper, cardboard, glass and plastic gets collected on a monthly basis by an external waste management company who recycle up to 100% of waste received and continue to improve its environmental sustainability through a combination of measuring the environmental impact of the business and an employee-led approach to continuous improvement.

As part of the programme, Novex also donates to the Eden Project to support new and ongoing sustainability education programmes and initiatives.

The Planet Mark – Eden Project

Donations contributed to Eden Project from The Planet Mark™ fund the development of new projects, education programmes and industry-specific training programmes which marry nature, architecture, construction, art and creativity, science and technology.

A more recent programme being held at the Eden Project has been designed to help businesses unleash new possibilities in their workplaces, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.




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  • office interior design of a reception counter with with fabric snowflake screen

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