Office Relocation

Our aim is to make your office relocation as painless as possible. We can take care of coordinating all resources, schedules and activities.

Once your commercial property agent has found potential locations, we will survey and provide you with a space plan, comparing the relative suitability of each space for your operation; helping you choose your new business location.

Managing the physical logistics is often underestimated.

Novex Solutions can provide the complete service to you – planning the whole operation (typically over a weekend) to minimise any downtime. Providing you with crates, packing/unpacking and the secure transfer of all your office equipment ensuring the smooth transfer to your new premises.

Ensuring that your IT and telecoms networks are operational before you move is vital; Novex Solutions works with your IT and telecoms partners, securing your network in preparation for relocation and assisting with supply and installation of cabling and other key equipment and services.

  • Surveying new locations and reporting on suitability
  • Helping you decide on the best relocation policy
  • Managing logistics and re-installations
  • Ensuring worry-free transfer between locations
  • Working with your existing IT partners to maintain security and vital business services

A relocation project can be one of the most expensive events in the life of a business. It’s certainly beneficial that you get the right look, feel and fit for your business so that the changes you make now will still work for your business into the future.

Whether you are looking at new locations, deciding on how to refurbish, or resizing your business operation, choose Novex Solutions for outstanding results – we come highly recommended!

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