The benefits of leasing your office fit-out & furniture

Leasing your dream office for happy employees

Why compromise on your office fit-out if you don’t have to!

More than often we meet with clients who have big expectations for their workplace fit-out and why not! An office fit-out or refurbishment is a BIG DEAL, and pretty much one of those BIG EXPENSIVE milestones each business will go through at some point. It’s one of those moments where you’ve made it. From moving out of your garden shed to your first office space with a few extra heads on the team, to the day you’ve outgrown the mis-match of acquired bits of office furniture and need to start focusing on an impressive working environment, fit for existing employees health, well-being, productivity and a place of work that’s going to attract future talent, make you look awesome to your clients and keep your business profitable.

Alas.. with great expectations and desires for the Ferrari fit-out vs my actual (money in the bank) budget for a Suzuki Swift, we find that some clients have to abandon their dreams and end up creating an office layout to meet their budget, rather than their actual wants and needs. BUT! It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s why we work closely with Industrial Specialists to bring leasing options to our clients, so they can have that want list and avoid any unnecessary compromises with a flexible payment plan.

The benefits of leasing your fit-out & furniture

The finance landscape is changing; businesses are moving away from traditional methods (bank loans & overdrafts) and increasingly looking for ways of making their cash work harder for them through alternative finance options.  We are pleased to offer our clients innovative funding plans with Plus Finance including lease rental which ensures the entire cost of the project becomes 100% allowable against taxable profit.  For a profitable company leasing is the most tax efficient way of financing a fit-out project and can even work out cheaper than paying cash.

Maximise Cash Flow – No large upfront payment

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Leasing means no large up-front payment so you keep the cash in your business, preserving liquidity and freeing up valuable working capital for use on that other pending project.

Fixed payments for accurate budgeting

Unlike other methods of finance, payments are fixed for the length of time of the lease period making money-planning more accurate and eliminating any unexpected differences, such as increases in an interest rate.

Tax advantages

Lease repayments are 100% allowable against taxable profit. #winning making this method of finance offering the most tax efficient method of financing a fit-out.

Spread the payments: Pay for the asset as you use it

Terms are available between 2 and 5 years. Fixed payments help budgeting for the space much more efficient, it frees up your cash to be retained as working capital or re-allocated into revenue-generating activities.

Quick decisions

Securing a lease facility is far quicker than obtaining a bank loan or overdraft extension


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